To apply for your first Washington State CPA license as a Washington candidate, you will need to:
1. Pass the CPA exam.
2. Verify that you have met the good character requirements during your application process.
3. Verify that your experience is qualified and complete an Experience Affidavit (Fillable PDF).
   o The completed Experience Affidavit (PDF), and a copy of your resume or summary of duties, will need to be uploaded at the end of your application submission process.
4. Complete a course and an examination on materials covering all of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and obtain a score of 90% or better on the exam (8 hour minimum course length).
   o Verify that you completed the course listed above by uploading the PDF at the end of your application submission process.
5. Achieve and document a passing grade of 90% or better on a board delivered course covering the Washington State Public Accountancy Act, related Board Rules, and Board Policies.
   o Washington State Ethics & Regulations for CPA Applicants study guide (PDF).
   o Exam instructions.
   o Verify that you completed the course listed above by uploading the certificate of completion at the end of your application submission process.
6. Verify that if it has been more than four years since you passed the CPA exam, that you have completed the Continuing Professional Education (CPE).
7. Verify that you have reviewed an example of what your CPE reporting period will be for your first renewal.
8. Complete and submit the license application through our Online Services.
You may not use the title CPA until the date the approval of your license is posted in the Board's Licensee Search and, therefore, made publicly available for confirmation.



4はAICPA Stroreから「Professional Ethics: The AICPA's Comprehensive Course」を購入した。$169もする。高い。紙の本と電子書籍を選べるが、受けてみた感じでは紙の本はいらない気がした。一回目の試験で90%を超え無事に終了した。テストにでた問題はすべてのテキストの巻末の確認テストと同じだった。